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Career & Technical Education - CTE

What is CTE?

Career Technical Education (CTE) is an education pathway that provides students with the academic, technical, and real world knowledge, skills and experience they need to be prepared for a variety of career options. CTE gives students training and skills in many different types of careers in high growth industries such as science and technology, healthcare, and business management. CTE programs are personalized, hands-on, and let students explore different career fields. CTE is part of the high school experience, and prepares students for the full range of post-secondary opportunities, including college and careers.

What is the scope and sequence of a Pathway?
Pathways consist of a minimum of two sequenced classes within a particular field.

What are the proven outcomes for Pathway completers?

  • College credit for courses completed in high school
  • Strong core of academics from which to move into a variety of career areas
  • Greater school connectedness
  • Industry expertise
  • Visits to worksites and internships
  • Easier transitions from high school to college

Pathways at Moorpark High School

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